ABB joins Current OS

We are pleased to announce that ABB Electrification, a Business Area of ABB, has joined the Current OS Foundation. ABB Electrification is a global technology leader in electrical products and solutions, with 50,000 employees in over 100 countries, engaged in the energy transition to enable a carbon neutral society.

ABB believes that Direct Current (DC) will play a major role in supporting energy efficiency, electrification of loads and local renewable generation – all of which are essential measures to achieve carbon neutrality according to the International Energy Agency.

Ruben Ferraresi, R&D Manager, said: “To deploy DC on the scale needed to sustain the energy transition, we must make it as safe, easy and cost effective as AC, and standardization is the first, big step. Having a common DC standard will minimize project-specific engineering costs for design and approval, and help us to develop off-the-shelf cost-effective components. We support the objectives of the Current OS Foundation and are looking forward to collaborating with other members in the drive towards carbon neutrality by unlocking the benefits of DC.”