Welcome AmperneXt !

We are pleased to welcome AmperneXt as a new member of the Current/OS Foundation.

Being a great supporter of the DC-grid technologies, AmperneXt designs and manufactures unique fast DC-coupled EV charging solutions that fit seamlessly and beautifully into the city environment. Providing simple to use products, yet complex on a level that you cannot see, with convenient installation, commissioning, and maintenance, is what distinguishes them. Being flexible and focusing on their partners requirements, they are here to help you with custom designs and solutions that need microgrid-based EV charging.

According to Vasil Merdzhanov, (CEO), "I am often asked - what are the advantages of DC grids, why DC grids? It's not about advantages, it's all about the right moment, with the right technology for the right future.
We have the sun - this inexhaustible DC power generator, we have solar panels, different types of batteries, fuel cells and plenty of other technologies that are all based on DC. Then why don't we build the whole ecosystem with DC? This is what we believe in Ampernext. Avoiding mainstream thinking, putting ideas into brave new technologies, targeting great products.
Joining Current/OS is the next logical step in our evolution as a DC grid technology company. Contributing to shaping the future of these technologies is not only a technological goal. This is how we give shape to the future world, this is our legacy. Renewables, green, eco, environmental impact - these are not just fancy words. It's nobody but us to secure a better future for our kids!"

The Current/OS Foundation is extremely pleased to be strengthening its collaboration with AmperneXt.

For more info on AmperneXt: https://www.ampernext.com/elevation-dc/