Welcome Direct Energy Partners (DEP) !

We are pleased to welcome Direct Energy Partners (DEP) as a new member of the Current/OS Foundation.

DEP emerged as a DC microgrid engineering firm conducting DC projects in the US and Europe, with the ambition to make clean, resilient, and renewable energy accessible to everyone.

To promote productivity and knowledge sharing in the DC microgrid industry, DEP developed a software tool “DCIDE” to let you design renewable microgrids at the speed-of-thought, using real-world products. Their user-friendly design editor allows you to easily whiteboard microgrids, bringing your ideas to life with just a few clicks. DEP invites the entire DC community to test and sign up at https://v1.dcide.app/draw. Create your DC microgrid designs in record time and share them with your customers and colleagues.

In addition, DCIDE features a comprehensive product catalog, which provides DC products a place to live. Whether in need of power converters, circuit breakers, or battery storage systems, the DCIDE product catalog has got you covered. DEP invites you to sign-up your products and become part of the community.

According to DEP’s founders, Dusan Brhlik and Giel Van den Broeck, harmonization and knowledge sharing is key to reduce the soft costs related to the engineering of DC microgrids and make them mainstream. Together with Current/OS and its engaged and growing community, we look forward to shape and build the DC microgrid industry. An industry that is here to stay and that will fundamentally improve the way next generations will generate, store and consume electrical power.(a few words on your vision on DC, partnership with Current/OS,…)

We are very much looking forward to strengthening our collaboration. Let’s make DC mainstream together!

To know more about DEP: www.directenergypartners.com