Welcome Epic Power !

We are pleased to welcome Epic Power as a new member of the Current/OS Foundation.

Founded in 2012 has his roots in the Power Electronics Department at the University of Zaragoza, Spain. Epic Power designs and manufactures bidirectional DC/DC converters for different purposes and they offer full integration and customization support. Their mission is to industrialize converters that are beyond the state-of-the-art.

Epic power converters are being applied in different markets such as automation, intralogistics, marine, hydrogen generation, energy storage, microgrids and electromobility. They also offer specific products for the elevator market to recover generated energy and allowing elevators to be converted into solar and/or battery powered ones. With a wide international presence, its solutions are operating in over 40 countries.

According to Pilar Molina Gaudo, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Epic Power, we have made the term #dcpoweredfuture part of our core vision. We are making practical dc transformers that are easy to install and to control. We avoid unnecessary transformations to and from AC and we are here to make the life of energy management engineers much simpler.

The Current/OS Foundation is extremely pleased to be strengthening its collaboration with Epic Power.

For more info on Epic Power: https://epicpowerconverters.com/