Welcome Mersen !

We are pleased to welcome Mersen as a new member of the Current/OS Foundation.

Mersen is a global expert in electrical specialties and advanced materials for high-tech industries.

With industrial sites and R&D centers located around the world, Mersen develops customized solutions and delivers key products to meet the new technological challenges shaping tomorrow’s world.

Mersen is active in the fields of Electrical Protection & Control and Solutions for Power Management and has a keen interest in the challenges posed by the energy transition. Mersen strongly believes in the potential of DC (Direct Current) to play a central role in solving the energy dilemma and is aligned with the objectives set by the Current/OS Foundation

According to Thierry Lopez de Arias, Senior VP Electrical Protection & Control: “We are very pleased to join Current/OS organization to accelerate the adoption of DC Electrical Distribution and contribute to the Energy Transition. DC distribution plays an important role for the power distribution segment and load protections; Mersen and Current/OS pursue the same objectives: develop a common DC standard, make it safe and sustainable.
Mersen wants to contribute to the creation of microgrid solutions by providing smart, clean, reliable, and resilient electrical protection systems.”

We are extremely pleased to share this DC partnership with Mersen to jointly develop DC-based infrastructures.

To know more about Mersen: https://www.mersen.com/