Welcome Microgrid Solutions !

We are pleased to welcome Microgrid Solutions as a new member of the Current/OS Foundation!

Microgrid Solutions was founded to make the next steps in the Energy Transition! Therefore, Microgrid Solutions provides energy effective designs and systems for organizations who care about managing ENERGY GRIDS safe and efficient. In addition to experience and expertise in product & system designs, they offer project support for implementation of active Microgrids.

According to Mark Kousman, Co-Founder, Direct Current (DC) technology offers opportunities to contribute to our existing challenges for decarbonation of energy and the speed up of the electrification of our world.

The Current OS set of rules defines energy management rules to make microgrids efficient to control, safe and resilient.

The Current/OS Foundation is extremely pleased to be strengthening its collaboration with Microgrid Solutions.

For more info on Microgrid Solutions: https://microgridsolutions.eu/