Welcome NMi !

We are pleased to welcome NMi as a new Current/OS Foundation member.

NMi boasts a rich history dedicated to promoting fairness in trade, dating back to the Middle Ages. Today, NMi is a globally recognized leader in legal metrology, offering specialized services in testing, inspection, certification, and calibration.

Yvo Jansen, the CEO of NMi, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration, stating, "Current/OS represents NMi's commitment to supporting the adoption of Direct Current power technologies, standardization development, and the creation of innovative solutions to address challenges such as grid congestion and EV charging infrastructure."

With its expertise in electrical systems, including EV supply equipment, power quality, and metering infrastructures, NMi brings valuable knowledge and skills as a testing and certification institute. Within Current/OS, NMi will focus on testing DC loads, sources, and their combinations, always striving to stay ahead and "measure tomorrow." This dedication aligns seamlessly with the Foundation's mission to pave the way for the future of legal metrology within behind-the-meter systems and foster international collaboration for a faster energy transition.

The Current/OS Foundation is extremely pleased to be strengthening its collaboration with NMi.

For more information on NMi, visit https://nmi.nl/