Welcome Watt & Well !

We are pleased to welcome Watt&Well, as a new member of the Current/OS Foundation !😊

As a power electronics equipment provider, Watt & Well goal is to deliver the perfect product both in performance and quality. The team of engineers brings your ideas further while the production capabilities bring them to life. Watt & Well develops solutions combining the know-how of new technology with the reliability of the product in severe environments (high temperature, vibrations, EMC, cosmic radiation, pressure). Their cross-market experience sets them as a reference in the world of power electronics and power conversion. World-leading R&D centers trust them, namely ArianeGroupe, Groupe Renault, Analog Devices, and many more pioneers.

For Raul Iglesias, CTO and Co-Founder of Watt & Well, “We are excited to join the Current/OS foundation and work with partners to advance standards for DC microgrid adoption. We are convinced that DC is essential for the energy transition to speed up the integration of renewable energy and improve the resilience, sustainability, and the safety of energy distribution. As a leading innovator for e-Mobility power electronics we design and produce high power charging modules and supply equipment communications controllers which form the backbone of electric vehicle infrastructure (EVI). We are actively involved in the development of DC-DC converters for bi-directional EV charging and battery storage systems and we support the Current/OS set of rules.”

The Current/OS Foundation is extremely pleased to be strengthening its collaboration with Watt&Well.

For more info on Watt&Well: https://wattandwell.com/