Public Lighting Projects 2016-2021

Citytec has the in-house expertise necessary to assist system integrators in other countries with the design of public lighting infrastructures based on DC.

Public Lighting Projects in the Netherlands

Occasionally, as a company, you get the chance to put a whole series of your innovative ideas into one project. Citytec has developed as the leading system integrators of DC based public lighting systems in the Netherlands. DC voltage, decentralized sustainable generation, LED application and dynamic ICT control and monitoring of lighting, cables and installations: together they provide completely energy-neutral public lighting.

Municipalities and provinces in the Netherlands alike, are now looking for the most sustainable solution for public lighting.

By combining a DC grid and solar energy, you lose a lot less energy through conversion: solar cells supply DC voltage and LED fixtures use DC voltage. We skip the conversion from direct to alternating voltage and back. An additional advantage of the DC grid is that it is much better suited to also use it for data traffic. This enables intelligent control of the lighting system.

2nd grid application (public lighting) in the Netherlands